SMO, the strange creature / Summer 2012

Fotis Sagonas / mixed media models

Fotis Sagonas / mixed media

The acronym SMO may refer to:

  • Supramaleolar Orthosis
  • A Service Management Office (SMO)
  • The Survey and Mapping Office (SMO) of the Lands Department is the central authority for land surveys and all types of mapping in Hong Kong.
  • the International Air Transport Association code for Santa Monica Airport in the U.S.
  • Samoan language code
  • An Urban term used in south eastern England (pronounced – Shhmooo) – Meaning “Sort Me Out”
  • the Singapore Mathematical Olympiad, a mathematics competition.
  • Social Media Optimization, a marketing term
  • SQL Server Management Objects, a collection of objects through which programs can manage Microsoft SQL Server
  • the Solar Monitoring Observatory, a planned space science observatory for the International Space Station
  • a Site Management Organization, a person, or an organization that enters into a contract with a pharmaceutical company or a contract research organization to assume the responsibilities of a clinical investigator, for instance, ensuring IRB/IEC review, maintenance of case histories and archival of clinical-trial-related documents
  • Sequential Minimal Optimization, is a fast method to solve huge quadratic programming problems, widely used to speed up the training of the Support Vector Machines (SVMs)
  • Sliding mode observer, a state observer that uses discontinuous sliding mode control (SMC) to achieve finite-time zero estimator error in at least one dimension; SMO commonly refers to the SMC modification of a Lueberger LTI observer, but it also applies to nonlinear observers
  • Service Message Object, a component of IBM WebSphere Process Server
  • Senior Medical Officer
  • Social Movement Organization
  • The name of a Japanese noodle, usually served with chicken in rural areas.
  • The name of a platform game, stepmania, that is based on the arcade game dance dance revolution.
  • Also A slang insult for “Suck Me Off.” Example: “The Lib Dems can SMO!” Written by Danny

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