Landscapes of Vanity

Thursday 22.11.2012 – 7 to 10 pm
on view from 23.November to 20th. December
[blank slate magazine space] kaiserstrasse 62-64 kaiserpassage store 44, Frankfurt a. M.

artist invited: Fotis Sagonas
Facilitated by Alex A. Tsolakis

For the love of God! Why don’t you just make it out of diamonds?
Did that occurred the artist’s mind? Hardly.

In vanitas paintings one sees a clear distinction between the observer (artist) and the object (still life), theatrically placed within a composition. In Landscapes of Vanity the observer penetrates the object in an attempt not only to be closer but rather to become one with it. A shift in scale occurs; the interior of the object becomes the outer environment. Horizon and vanishing points are gone. Fotis Sagonas indeed observes still life, but he captures another perspective. He radically moves the viewpoint -almost with a pornographic style- inviting the viewer to peep in and sink in his own esoteric dystopian space. Perhaps, in the end, for his own moral justification.

Fotis Sagonas attempts to explore the digital condition through immersive design. Thus, he creates a personal graphic space vocabulary. Landscapes of Vanity is the epitome of his ongoing studies in the anatomy of the human body, started years ago with his hand-drawn illustrations in academic medical books. Using CT & MRI scans; Fotis Sagonas models in detail with high precision the soft and hard tissues of a human corpse. Then he starts a journey in a quest for the relation between transience, digital aesthetics and beyond…

Text by Alex A. Tsolakis

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